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5 Essential Scents for Spring

Refresh your outlook with products that help cheer you up, calm your mind and more.

By now those New Year's resolutions are a distant memory, but don't feel too bad: winter is a tough time to implement new habits. Spring, on the other hand, is better for rebirth, thanks to longer days, warmer weather, and perhaps the quintessential sign of the season: flowers and the bright colors and scents they bring.

Can’t shake off your winter ennui? Aromatherapy can help give your body that wake-up-call. "Our sense of smell is just two synapses away from the center of our brain—the part that is recognized as being the seat of all of our emotions and memory," explains Amy Galper, founder and executive director of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy. "That means when we smell something it has a direct impact on how we respond to our environment,” she says. “It tempers and adjusts our stress response." 

Galper says spring is a great time to start incorporating essential oils into your everyday routine. "Our bodies and minds are opening, and we are shedding the tough armor of the winter months,” Galper says. “Essential oils can uplift our moods, and encourage us to let go of old habits and start fresh." Take a cue from the budding blossoms around you and inhale your way to bliss, with Galper's recommendations for five seasonal concerns.