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My Healthy: Kirsten Kjaer Weis

How the Scandinavian makeup artist’s holistic approach inspires her life.

For years Kirsten Kjaer Weis worked with high-fashion models only to hear of how they suffered breakouts and irritation from common makeup products. This knowledge, coupled with her own “green” focus in life (think: heavy on the veggies and Bikram), set Kjaer Weis on a journey. “I wanted to create a skincare-focused organic line of cosmetics that favored natural oils, butters, and waxes over synthetics, she says. “And I wanted it to be sustainable, but not sustainable looking.”

The result, Kjaer Weis, may just be the chicest organic collection of eye, lip, and cheek colors yet. The earthy shades call to mind the rosy flush after a great workout or lips stained by eating berries. Each piece is housed in a chic, red box that reveals a re-fillable, silver compact with a lid that glides up like the scissor doors of a Mercedes SLK roadster. “It’s meant as a one-time, jewel-like purchase,” she says. “And hear the little click when it shuts? We worked hard on that.” Kjaer Weis takes the same exacting approach to healthy living, balancing endless work travel with mindful eating, breathing, and moving. Here’s how she does it.