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The Future of Fitness Tech

Behold the machines, wearables, and monitors preferred by the highest-performing athletes.

Amidst an industry saturated with options, fitness trackers become somewhat indistinguishable: their promises sound similar; they look alike; they all hover in the same price range. But the newest wave of fitness technology aims to connect your body to the most powerful app of all—the human mind, says Rolando Garcia III, manager of the Columbus Circle location of E at Equinox, which offers a host of higher-tech options for members’ use. “Technology that can help us to understand the dynamics and mechanisms of the human experience to perform at our full potential and live a healthy lifestyle is a worthwhile investment.”

We've glimpsed the future of fitness technology and it is bright. Here, five high-tech options that can transform the way you get fit—and leave your average fitness tracker in the dust.