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How Nutrition Pros Survive the Holidays

Enjoy indulging (even more) with eight expert-tested tricks.

The holidays can present something of a conundrum for the hard-working athlete: Fitness devotees want to be able to relax and celebrate, but don't want to set themselves too far back when a new training year is days away.

And according to experts, these concerns have merit when the holiday season is lengthy. “We often think in 24 hour periods of eating, but if you have a huge meal and eat an excess of calories on a certain day like Christmas, you’re not going to wake up the next day overweight,” says Ryan Andrews, R.D., a fitness and nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition. “However, if you do this continually over a month or more—some people start with Thanksgiving and end with New Years—well, that can add up to weight gain.” 

Who better to ask about how to stay on track (and still have fun) than pros who make a living helping clients stay lean? Here, 10 tricks they rely on to survive the season: