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Gift Guide: Pro Runner Nick Symmonds

The outspoken track star is equal parts outdoorsman and city-slicker, as evidenced by his gift guide.

To explain the thought process behind his gift guide, American pro middle-distance runner (and celebrated beer-miler) Nick Symmonds cites his spirit animal: "If I could be any type of animal, I would want to be a peregrine falcon. Not just any bird, not just any falcon, but the peregrine," says Symmonds, who is also the brains behind Run Performance Gum. "I love this animal because they make their homes in both the wilderness and the city. And whether their nest is perched atop a 200-foot pine or a 20-story skyscraper, they always have the best view of the amazing world around them."

Symmonds lives his life similary, splitting his time between the city and country. "My holiday gift guide is intended to be equal parts Don Draper and Bear Grylls," he explains. Check out his personal suggestions for the Renaissance running man (or woman) in your life.