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The Pro Linebacker's Grooming Routine

League standout Karlos Dansby is a men’s style mogul who schools on and off the field.

Long gone are the days when we foolishly assumed that athletes aren't just as invested in fashion and style as those who don't tackle other people for a living. Take Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Karlos Dansby: After co-founding a spot where professional hot lather shaves, as well as haircuts, shoe shines, and massages, are the order of the day (Butler’s Grooming Club in Birmingham, Alabama), Dansby, along with business partner Christopher Butler, has now launched Montez Renault, a premium line of men’s grooming products. The end goal: A better grooming experience thanks to patented technology and proprietary ingredients.

“Watching my Dad shave and put on cologne when I was a kid gave me an inkling that the way you present yourself can translate to success,” says Dansby. Time spent under Joe Whitt at Auburn University before going pro furthered the message. “Coach Whitt hated guys on the team having facial hair. He believed we needed to look the part and it taught us to pay attention to the small things—on the field and off,” he recalls. With Butler’s as a testing ground, Dansby and Butler worked hard to formulate with men’s needs in mind, developing a full range of skincare plus a killer shave cream that’s both moisturizing and anti-inflammatory to soothe irritation and minimize ingrowns; haircare that hydrates and strengthens with ingredients like organic hops; and a travel-friendly 3-in-1 cleanser for face, body, and hair—the ultimate in versatility—emblazoned fittingly with Dansby’s number 56.

Here, a handful of Dansby’s tips for living a well-groomed life: