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Why Fashion Loves Skateboarding

From designer gear to supermodel clothing collaborations, skate culture moves from the street to the runways.

Skateboarding has always been in bed with fashion. In the ‘80s, pro Christian Hosoi was a rock star among the designer set, while the ‘90s ushered in the era of skate-inspired ultra wide leg jeans. These days, models Cara Delevigne, Daria Werby and Hanneli Mustaparta skateboard to fashion shows. Designers are making high-end decks and including decks in their ad campaignsSelfridges even installed a pop-up skate park in London in April. Now the sport is back and cooler than ever, and the resurgence of skate fashion—snapbacks, oversize tees and ugly chic shoes—is at full throttle. 

Fresh off the runways, these autumn looks take a cue from skateboard culture, proving that a little youthful rebellion always feels fresh: