Unzipped: Lulu Frost's Lisa Salzer and Marlon Taylor-Wiles

What the fashion collaborators (and stylish real-life couple) keep close when working out.

Based on looks alone, we’d assume this duo’s relationship is healthy and then some: She, founder and designer of jewelry label Lulu Frost, has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. He, classicially trained ballet dancer, New York stage gracer, co-creator of unisex Lulu companion label, George Frost, is the designer of rising-star shirt label More Than Words.

Not surprisingly, when asked about their wellness routines, they have plenty to share. Marlon infuses dance into nearly every workout. Lisa swears by energizing and balancing walks to work, jogging, and weight circuits (but admits that committing to a trainer is key to no-excuse routine given her hectic schedule). Here's what they reach for from workout to workout.

tend-skin liquid

“As an African American male, this really helps to prevent ingrown hairs from occurring when I shave, as well as to prevent the slight scarring that can occur with ingrowns. I use this whenever I shave and it keeps dark patches at bay.” – Marlon
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vitamin c daily moisturizer spf 30

“I like this lotion for keeping my skin hydrated after a workout – it also has SPF 30.” – Marlon
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gum eez-thru flossers

“I love to keep my smile healthy with these on-the-go individual flossers.” – Marlon
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clarins multi-active day cream

“'I’m obsessed! I use more rather than less because I've decided I need to really care for my skin now so it looks it's best as I age.” – Lisa
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bobbi brown instant long wear makeup remover

“Essential for removing makeup and grime in a literal instant - this is the fastest and most-effective makeup remover I've come across. I swear by it." – Lisa
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head porter duffel bag

“I throw everything into it. I got it at Bodega, the store I managed while studying dance at the Boston Conservatory. I love to incorporate my ballet background into workouts. I’ll begin by stretching and warming up my muscles with various dance techniques. I then run 2-3 miles at a good clip, followed by a variety of calisthenics using my own body weight to build strength without creating too much bulk. On alternate days, I take out studio space and just dance in both classic ballet and modern styles...I love to just let my body flow in natural movement.” – Marlon
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workout tunes

“I like to avoid using too much technology at the gym and instead focus on my workout, but I do listen to my iPhone, where I've got Moondog, Bobby McFerrin and Lil' Boosie on repeat.” – Marlon
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skullcandy headphones

“I need a certain type of headphone as traditional ear buds simply bother me beyond belief. They don't stay in my ears for the life of me. I recently picked up a pair of Skullcandy headphones which are comfortable and do the trick. I've got Led Zeppelin and Grace Jones on repeat.” – Lisa
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om aroma lavender toner

“It’s from Savor Spa in the West Village [in New York]. I love this all-natural toning spray. I use it every night after taking my makeup off an before applying night cream – the lavender scent really relaxes me and help winds me down for bed.” – Lisa
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kind bars

“I'm down with Kind Bars – Madagascar Vanilla Almond though, only!” – Marlon
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