My healthy: Jessa Blades

The natural beauty expert and makeup artist shares her picks for a post-summer regimen.

Spot the high fashion and celebrity work of makeup artist Jessa Blades, and you might not pin her for someone who totes a behemoth guide to healing herbs and wildflowers in her purse.

She does. Away from the set, natural beauty clients from Silver Lake to Brooklyn know her as a skincare pro who’s as focused on nourished skin as a photo-ready finish.

We caught up with her to chat through the brand new, homegrown, and handmade products loves, and how she's prepping her own skin for the changing season. “The transition from summer to fall is a tough one, on both the mind and the body,” says Blades. “Not only to we have to say goodbye to the long and warm days of summer, we have to deal with less humidity in the air (which plumps up your skin and makes it glow), indoor heat and wind. All of which leave our skin in need of more moisture and more TLC.”

couleur caramel bronzer

“Most clients want to talk about ways to stay looking vibrant as their summer tan and vacation glow fades away. A great way to deal with your complexion during this time is to start using bronzer. I tell my clients to find a neutral, matte brown bronzer color (no glitter, no orange) to the higher parts of their face, cheeks and forehead and bridge of the nose. This helps warm up your complexion, giving your face a healthy glow.”
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tata harper replenishing nutrient complex

“Now is a great time to start using a face oil. I really like argan oil or a oil-based face serum, which is oil blended with essential oils that smell great, have aromatherapy benefits, and heal skin at the same time.”
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nettle leaf

“I love boosting glow and skin health internally. A great way to do this is drinking herbal tea daily. For skin health, I recommend herbs like nettles, oats, rose and hibiscus, either blended together or individually. Drinking a well-steeped iced herbal tea can replace your water. It’s less boring and it is packed with healing and balancing vitamins and minerals for your inner and outer skin health.”
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urban moonshine bitters

“Another great way to give your skin a boost is through adding the bitter taste into your diet. You can start eating bitter greens like dandelion or arugula or taking bitters with your water or directly onto your tongue. I love the bitters that Urban Moonshine makes. They are a really exciting, young company and their bitters are made without the coloring and sugar that most bitters have. I carry their mouth spray in my purse and use before or after I eat. Bitters are a great way to improve your general health as well as the health of your skin, which is so related to your gut health and digestion.”
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simple sugars body scrubs

“As our skin dries out, it can also start flaking and need gentle exfoliation. Dry brushing can be great to brush off that dead layer of skin, and if you are going to exfoliate, make sure to do it only once a week, do it gently, and avoid [manufactured] microbeads. Scrubs with salt and coffee are best for your skin and the environment.”
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bio extreme lipgloss

“Another go to is W3ll People's Bio Extreme Gloss in clear. I wear it every day and it looks good on everyone! Great ingredients, and adds just the perfect amount of glossiness to your lips alone or on top of color.”
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osmia organics luz facial brightening serum

“I was just in California for A Night of Green Beauty and got to try the brand new Luz Brightening Serum by Osmia Organics. This serum smells incredible and it’s packed with healing oils and extracts. It sinks into your skin immediately, and deeply, instantly hydrates.”
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