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My Healthy: Camilla Blackett

How the TV scribe survives the snacking black hole known as a writers' room.

Along with comfortable chairs, most L.A. writers' rooms come equipped with a fully-stocked pantry. Sugary drinks, trays of carbs, and processed snacks galore are an everyday reality—one that Camilla Blackett, an L.A.-by-way-of-London TV comedy writer for the upcoming Fresh Off The Boat and formerly of New Girl and The Newsroom does her best to avoid altogether. "Being in a writers' room is tough when they literally pay a person to sabotage your waistline all day. This person is called a Writer's PA and, make no mistake, this 22-year-old USC graduate will re-stock that Cheetos supply at least three times a day. Both flavors! Which is why I pack my own protein snacks to avoid that trap." Read on for the musts that keep her healthy and happy while she works around the clock.