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6 Training Tips From Tennis Pros

Trainers, former champs, and consults to the pros share their advice for mastering the sport's great demands.

Every August, as summer slowly slips away, tennis, too, closes its season. And this historic sport’s going-out party is packed with prestige. The fourth and final Grand Slam—the U.S. Open—marks, for some, a chance of a lifetime; for others, an opportunity to show the world you’re still the best; and for many, a soiree of sport and leisure: Arthur Ashe lit up in the New York skyline.

But despite its sometimes-reputation as a leisurely, country club game, the energy demands of tennis are great. The sport’s biggest names are “some of the best athletes on the planet,” says Murphy Jensen, former French Open champion and director of The Cloister Tennis Center in Sea Island, Georgia. Tennis is uniquely challenging: Points last seconds, calling for short bursts of power and energy; yet matches put training and willpower to the test, clocking in anywhere from one to three grueling hours.

Here, eight Q-approved, expert-backed ways to sharpen your strokes and fine-tune your fitness in time for the United States’ biggest tennis event.