Workout-proof your blowout

Both blowouts and exercise leave us euphoric. Why can’t we have both?

Thanks to the inundation of blow-dry bars around the country, in 45 minutes or less you can get a professional coif-styling to take drab hair to the next level. But, daily workout sessions—yoga, barre, cycling, you name it—can often sabotage freshly blown-out locks, forcing women to shuffle or even forgo their workouts all in the name of good hair.

So we enlisted the meticulously coiffed Alli Webb, founder of the popular blow-dry chain Drybar, which has 36 locations in the U.S., to help us maintain a beautiful, bouncy blowout through even the most rigorous cardio and strength work. Follow her pre- and post-workout tips for perfect hair that holds up.

use the right accessories

“A good blowout should last for days," says Webb. "I wouldn’t apply any styling products before working out and I would be sure to use a soft elastic hair tie that won’t crimp your hair.” The Twistband keeps strands secure and smooth.
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pull hair up

Hair should be completely off the face and neck during a workout. “I put my hair up in a bit of a bun (we like to call it an Uptini–a low or high bun, chignon, or french twist) versus a ponytail to keep my blowout away from heat and sweat.”
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secure strands

Webb recommends using good old fashioned bobby pins to help secure smaller pieces around the face and any loose ends. “It depends on the look you want, but bobby pins are magical—you need so few to get a lot of hair up. Braids are also big this year and can be fun for a chic, bohemian look especially when exercising.”
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embrace the wave

“A few days after a blowout, you can keep those waves and curls lasting by touching up with a curling iron to hide dirty hair and mask frizz. Also, add some type of texture spray throughout hair for a beachy, tousled look.”
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keep it dry

Webb stresses the importance of cooling off before you take your hair down. She likes to touch up hair with a blowdryer and brush and re-blow the front pieces and nape of the neck to dry up any moisture. “Once hair is completely dry, use a dry shampoo on the root area to absorb oil and add body to hair between washes. Dry shampoo is a great way to get the most bang (and bounce) out of your blowout.”
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