The perfect week of workouts

This seven-day schedule is all you need to build your summer body.

Beach season is coming. We know this because store windows are displaying cover-ups and board shorts, and winter-weary people are breaking out their flip-flops for the first time in months. But by no means does an impending reveal mean you should make the common mistake of doubling down on frantic fitness cram sessions. Instead, following the smartestpossible workout schedule in these last few pre-Memorial Day weeks will give you exactly the results you want.

If you’ve ever wondered what a perfect week of workouts would look like, behold: Tier 3+ personal trainer and group fitness instructor Webb Travis curated seven ideal days of fitness, combining specific group fitness classes with isolated upper- and lower-body personal training days. “By mixing in the workouts alongside the classes, I have seen in myself and among my clients an increase in metabolism, a decrease in body fat, and increased mental sanity,” says Travis.

And hitting these specific workout categories (metabolic conditioning, high-intensity interval training, yoga, and more) covers all of your training bases. “The combinations of the work outs are effective because they incorporate a large scale of different muscle groups,” says Travis. “They are focusing on balance, coordination, stability, strength, and power all in one.”

Check out your new one-week schedule below, and click the slideshow to see Travis demonstrate the moves for Days 2 and 6. And if you feel like repeating the cycle, just make sure you ultimately add variety: “The biggest thing is to always mix up the order and routine every 4-6 weeks,” says Travis. “You want to "shock the body" by throwing it a curve ball here and there so muscle memory doesn’t take over and you are able to receive the full benefits on the workouts.”

Day 1 - Metabolic Conditioning: Metcon 3

Day 2 - Upper Body personal training workout (see slideshow)

Day 3 - Yoga: Flow Play Vinyasa or another Vinyasa format

Day 4 - HIIT: Whipped

Day 5 - Cardio Conditioning: Stacked

Day 6 - Lower Body personal training workout(see slideshow)

Day 7 - Restorative/Recovery: RX Series

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