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The Modern Man's Guide to Sneaker Style

Photographer Mike Rosenthal shopped the high-end collections to bring your fashion kicks up-to-date.

If any question remained about the current Fashion Sneaker Moment, all you have to point to is the runway at Chanel. Featured prominently in countless menswear collections including Balmain and Givenchy, stylish kicks are ubiquitous, lending edge and attitude to every look and sartorial sensibility. 

To help you cultivate the increasingly important sneaker wardrobe, we turned to photographer and sneaker aficionado Mike Rosenthal. "I wear sneakers almost every day," says Rosenthal, who spends those days shooting celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Robert DeNiro, along with Q's videos and fitness gifs. "I have dressy pairs and casual pairs, I have some that are less form and more function for hard work days, but I always try to find something with a bit of personality" (case in point; his favorite pair of red leather Alexander McQueen high tops). Rosenthal sifted through the newest offerings from MR PORTER to walk us through his favorite sneaks of the season.