The scientifically-proven workout (part three)

Finish strong with the final installment of our results-guaranteed series.

Guesswork has no place in a smart workout regimen. In fact, the fittest bodies make sure the work they do today primes and prepares them for the work they’ll do in the days and weeks to come.

Along those very lines, the experts designed each of the three unique cycles of The Scientifically-Proven Workout to build upon the cardio and strength components of the previous workouts. “Each program was a stepping stone for the next one to be effective,” says Matthew N. Berenc, director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute.

To jog your memory: Cycle 1 was all about foundation-building; Cycle 2 applied a higher level of intensity, adding weight and volume. “Finally, in Cycle 3, higher-intensity training mixes with higher skill-based exercises,” says Berenc. “In the study done in conjunction with the UCLA Exercise Physiology and Research Laboratory, not only were the participants pushed via strength, but also with power-based exercises.”

And since you’ll be working out even harder, pay special attention to your recovery. “Post-workout, the participants were instructed to foam roll on their own to aid in recovery, the key areas of focus being the quads, hips and upper back,” says Berenc.

As with Cycles 1 and 2, you'll progress through three specific categories of exercise: Movement Prep, Strength, and Metabolic. Remember, in the study, each individual cycle lasted four weeks, so consider this a sneak preview of the workout you will be doing in the third and final phase of training.

Click through the slideshow below to see Berenc demonstrate the Cycle 3 moves.

See the Cycle 1 workout.

See the Cycle 2 workout.

Shot on location at Equinox South Bay.

Photographs by Mike Rosenthal; Art Direction & Styling by Ashley Martin; Grooming by Christina Henry