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Unzipped: Bonberi

The founders of the very chic wellness site unpack their gym bags.

A stylish life and a healthy life are all but one and the same these days, and nowhere is that more apparent than Bonberi, the online food, fitness and lifestyle guide founded by Vanessa Packer and Nicole Berrie. The New York-based duo feature an eclectic mix of models, DJs, gurus and chefs, presenting wellness as something to strive for while seeming totally effortless and sophisticated in so doing. "Giving yourself that release [through exercise] everyday is as important as brushing your teeth, eating wholesome foods, and getting enough sleep," says Packer of her fitness philosophy. "You make it part of your routine and it becomes something you need to complete your day." To prepare for their hot Vinyasa, dance cardio and body sculpting sessions, Packer and Berrie turn to these stylish essentials: