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Unzipped: Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

The superfood super-maven shares the goods that keep her going.

As the brains behind Philosophie, the chic line of superfood powders and cleanses, certified raw food nutritionist and chef Sophie Jaffe knows that optimal health relies on good nutrition. And as a certified trainer and yoga instructor, she has a unique appreciation for the power of fitness, too. Jaffe, who has customized detox cleanses for a Hollywood-heavy clientele that includes George Clooney and Gerard Butler, has a workout regimen as well-rounded as her own wellness resume. "A typical workout would be either a powerful and healing yoga class, a treadmill running class or a mix of plyometric, strength-building circuits," she says. "I love to lift heavy weights and work hard. I'm always mixing it up which is why working out at Equinox is imperative—their classes are cutting edge and always inspire me in my own workouts." Peek inside Jaffe's gym bag to see what essentials she can't sweat (and live) without.