The Malibu body (continued)

The latest in our series of on-the-sand summer workouts: A cardio-and-strength circuit.

From Point Dume to Zuma, the beaches of Malibu are gathering spots for some of the fittest bodies around—and it's no coincidence. The allure of sea breezes and sunshine (with SPF) aside, left-coast dwellers know that working out at the beach can confer some serious better-body payoffs. In fact, if the last thing you sculpted in the sand was castle-shaped, you’re missing out. Earlier this summer, we unveiled The Malibu Body—here, the second installment of gifs.

Even though the Fourth of July has come and gone, there's still plenty of summertime ahead, which means several more weeks of long days, short shorts, and our favorite seasonal specialty, workouts in the sand. And as monotony is the enemy of fitness progress, we've got a fresh set of moves, imported directly from Malibu, for your next visit to the seaside.

With this routine, the fitness principles remain the same: Sand creates instability, while sparing the joints, making it an ideal surface for a warm-weather circuit workout. And to make sure you're putting your best physique forward, the specific regimen includes heart-pumping cardio as well moves that tone beach-facing areas. "This workout is designed to zero in on tightening those areas so you can feel and look confident on the beach," says Stephanie Vitorino, group fitness manager at Equinox West Hollywood, who created this plan. "Using the sand adds resistance to enhance results for sculpting your sexiest arms, abs and legs, so along with fat-blasting cardio intervals, it's everything you need this summer."

Perform this routine, modeled by group fitness instructor Elisabeth Hower, as a circuit, completing all 6 exercises without rest, then repeat 2 to 3 times with a one-minute rest between sets.

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