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Want Gwyneth's Legs?

You put in the work to make them strong. Now add the polish to make them flawless.

Now that shorts-and-swimsuit season is upon us, you might be wishing your legs looked just a little more toned. So how to tighten then up on the quick? Do like Gwyneth and enlist Dr. Francesco Canonaco, whose patented “Leg School” at Capri Palace Hotel and Spa fights varicose veins and cellulite with a combination of mud masks, cold compresses, Kneipp pool therapy and lymphatic massage. “Cellulite comes from the degeneration of fat cells due to hormonal imbalances or poor circulation,” Canonaco says. “So we work to combat sluggish blood circulation and reduce cellulite and swelling.”

Partaking in the program would obviously be ideal — especially since the hotel has a Michelin-starred restaurant, its own staff of sandal-makers and a sexy beach club near Capri’s famous Blue Grotto — but for those who can’t make it to Italy this year, Canonaco was kind enough to provide four leg-boosting tips.

Photos from Harpers Bazaar.