summer grilling

Summer Grilling Secrets from a Hamptons Chef

The chef de cuisine of Tom Colicchio's new restaurant is fired up for outdoor cooking season.

Tom Colicchio’s newest venture, Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton, is enjoying its first season in the Hamptons East End. Sharing billing with a luxurious mansion-turned-inn of the same name, the restaurant lends new meaning to the phrase farm-to-table: Chefs utilize food grown on the one-acre farm located right on the property.

The daily-rotating menu is inspired by what’s in the garden, and the fresh produce takes top billing on plates supplemented with fish and meat from local farmers, ranchers and day-boat fisherman.

Chef de Cuisine Ty Kotz calls his garden “micro-seasonal” and mines the endless selection of plantings, picked fresh right before service. “Just think, we use all the many varieties of lettuce we have growing for our salads, so it’s never the standard mix,” Kotz explains. And as his vegetables come up, he’ll throw his favorites right on the grill for his health-savvy Hamptons patrons. 

Here, Kotz shares some of his best grilling secrets to elevate your cook-out.