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My Healthy: DJ Brendan Fallis

The jet-setting DJ on the habits that keep him whole.

Health advice from a DJ may seem like an oxymoron, given their reputation for booze and black-out shades, but that's only because you haven't met Brendan Fallis. The cool-defining DJ to Theophilis London and Vogue is both the fashion world's go-to guy and a serious health and fitness junkie. "If I'm home [in New York], each morning starts with a workout and a smoothie, followed by work and meetings," he says, "On most days, I'll also DJ an event at night."

But Fallis is never in one place for long. He flies at least once a week, which means he's a pro at finding creative ways to be healthy on the go. He packs a jump rope and running shoes in his suitcase, and makes a point to find the best fresh juices and coconut water in every city. "I really try and keep a balanced diet, which, along with exercising frequently and staying positive is the thing that helps me most," says Fallis, who cut out red meat five years ago. "I try to have a lot of color on my plate so I know [that what I'm eating is] rich in vitamins, and that I'm keeping the carbs down — except for French bread and good pasta in Italy."

Here, the Toronto-born Fallis shares his best-kept secrets for countering those late nights and changing time zones: