sarah deanna

Unzipped: Sarah DeAnna

The model and Supermodel YOU author unpacks her workout essentials.

For her day job, model Sarah DeAnna makes Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein ready-to-wear look like second skin. Off duty, it's her workout look that gets the most mileage. She's a fitness fanatic ("I have been obsessed with working out ever since I was a little kid in diapers sweating to the oldies with my mom and Richard Simmons") and Equinox devotee ("my gym time is my sacred me time; it’s where I gather my thoughts, de-stress, relax, and get major inspiration.") 

DeAnna's new book, Supermodel You, outlines the principles to which she attributes her fit body, glowing skin and overall wellness. "The book is my manifesto for how to live a lifestyle that will bring you good health, confidence and fun. Model tested and approved." This Thursday, DeAnna will be celebrating her book launch at our Marina del Rey club. If you're not in the area, here's a taste of her very pink and perpetually matching workout essentials.