A new study finds that the social media site is more than just a place to kill time.

Going it alone is never easy. But if your workout partner bailed last minute, here’s a new one for you: Twitter. A 140-character tweet can be a powerful tool to overcome your biggest challenges, according to new research from the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health. The proof: In the study, tweeting helped people hit weight loss goals. In fact, every 10 tweets led to a 0.5 percent drop in weight.

Considering the importance of support and accountability, the social media hub can help with more than just weight loss. Use the Twitterverse the right way and you’ll find motivation to shave those few seconds off of your time, meet like-minded friends, clean up your diet, or give your workout the revamp it needs. The catch: It’s not just the act of sending a message into cyberspace that’s going to lead to results – it’s what you’re tweeting about (and who you’re tweeting to) that matters.

Considering the thousands of hashtags, users, and groups on Twitter ranging from fitness to food to politics to celebrity culture and beyond, we thought it would be helpful to narrow it down a tad. It goes without saying that following @equinox is a great place to start. Here, four others to fire up post-workout. #enjoy