Crazy, Sexy, Skincare

A new battery of “extreme” ingredients claim to heal skin and prevent aging.

From caviar facials to blue algea body wraps, outlandish ingredients keep the beauty industry constantly buzzing. But a handful of novel, unfamiliar substances — such as an ancient Mayan burn treatment and a blood-inspired serum — are vying for a place in your anti-aging toolkit. Are they miracle skin soothers or merely gimmicky?

Paradoxically, Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D and creator of the Rx Skin Therapy line, sees the new “extreme” ingredients as part of a larger trend toward biologics, or medicines that boost the body’s own natural processes rather than rely on chemical synthetics. “It’s taking what’s naturally healing for our bodies and putting that into skincare that’s healing for the skin,” she says. While she cautions that only time will tell whether the products below are truly revolutionary, the science behind them is sound.