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6 Moves of the Moment

We've traversed the globe to bring you the year's top trending exercises that get results.

Much like fashion, food and twitter topics, fitness moves trend. And we’re not talking boxing versus ballet barre workouts or TRX versus dumbbells, but rather actual exercises done in classes across the group fitness schedule and in training sessions club-wide. Why? Because they get results.

Click through the slideshow below for the six moves you’re most likely to see in the club now, modeled by New York City-based trainer Katherine Roberts-Hill. Perform each exercise for 30 to 45 seconds, then repeat the circuit 3 times. Different bodies will fatigue at different rates, so write down the number of reps you’ve completed after each set. Since the workout is equipment-free and uses only your own body weight, you’ll measure your progress—and keep yourself from hitting a plateau—by tracking the numbers of reps completed in the time allowed and of course the quality of the movement.

Bring the moves with you. Download pdf instructions.

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