douglass pickett

Unzipped: Ralph Lauren's Doug Pickett

The face that launched a thousand Polos opens up his gym bag.

Over the past 10-plus years as a face of Ralph Lauren, Doug Pickett has become representative of the brand's clean-cut American image. And while we're accustomed to seeing the New York City-based model in Polos and blazers, he spends nearly as much time in workout gear. "It's important to stay fit and healthy in my profession," he says, "So I like to mix up my workouts between running, biking, hot yoga, basketball, tennis and calisthenics. I find that if you are always alternating the ways in which you get a solid workout then you never get complacent in your fitness goals." Our kind of guy. Here, Pickett lets us see where his fashion and fitness worlds collide — inside his gym bag: