Enjoy the Holiday Ride

Author Brett Blumenthal offers little ways to stay sane this season.

As beautiful and magical as the holiday season ought to be, we all know it is often tainted with stress. The shopping, wrapping, entertaining, family gatherings and travel can all add up to increased levels of stress, less time to work out, and poor eating habits. At this time of the year, most of us tend to prioritize everything except ourselves. This, ultimately, can do a number on our ability to really enjoy.  

In 52 Small Changes, I give readers a new change each week, so that at the end of a year, they’ve implemented those adjustments towards a happier, healthier life. This small change approach works because it gives you time to slowly integrate new behaviors so they are more likely to stick for the long-term.

In keeping with this mindset, consider the following in order to manage stress and stay healthy this holiday season: