Q&A with Tiffani Thiessen

The "White Collar" star on her mean chicken enchiladas and a damn good second wedding proposal.

Despite an entire generation feeling like they went to high school with Tiffani Thiessen, the bi-coastal actress is not, in fact, your friend. Listen to the "White Collar" star (the season four finale airs tomorrow night on USA), and budding chef talk enthusiastically about cooking however, and you will likely come thisclose to inviting yourself over for dinner. "My husband loves my short ribs, I do a really healthy turkey meatloaf, and he loves my three-bean chili," Thiessen says of her specialties. "I believe that when you cook at home you're much more apt to have a healthier meal." A few other things of note about the best friend you've never met:

Her typical workout:
This past week I have been overloaded with press and shooting so I haven't been able to do anything but chase around my two-year-old. But normally I have a trainer here in New York and I try to get in with him at least three times a week. On the other days, I either go for a run or do yoga. 

Best insider tip:
Sleep and lots of water! I know that sounds cheesy, but quite a few people that I’ve trained with have always said if you don’t have those things in your life, everything else you’re doing is a waste of time.

What we’d be surprised to find in her refrigerator:
Good or bad? (laughs). Lots of kale. I love kale salads, I make my own kale chips and I've even gotten my daughter to really like kale. And you will always see a bottle of white wine (laughs). That would be the bad side.

Ultimate healthy meal:
In New York, I love Nanoosh. They have a really good quinoa salad and I love the hummus. I could probably eat hummus every day of my life. I also love sushi. 

Ultimate decadent meal:
Oh gosh, Mexican. (laughs) Chips and guacamole, enchiladas, I mean the list goes on! And margaritas. I’m from southern California originally and my husband is Texan so the two of us just love Mexican food. In LA it's always the hole-in-the-wall places that are the best. And I have to say, I make a really mean chicken enchilada so mine are pretty darn good as well!

How the way she thinks about her health has changed since having her daughter:
When you become pregnant, you really start to think about your health. You think about everything you put in your body, on your body, everything you do with your body. You become more aware. I’ve always been a healthy person, but I'm just more aware of the bigger picture. 

Wardrobe item she can’t live without:
My Yosi Samra flats. He makes them in all different colors and textures and styles and they fold up and they’re the best flats in the whole entire world. I have nine million pairs. 

Best gift she’s ever received: 
My first wedding ring was stolen and my husband was very sweet and actually kind of re-did a proposal because I had lost it. He came to New York when I was filming "White Collar" and re-proposed to me with a new ring. It was a special, special gift. Really sweet.

What totally relaxes her:
My daughter’s smile. Absolutely. Anytime she smiles or giggles or I hear her voice.

Book on her bedside table:
I have probably nine billion cookbooks. Right now it's Dinner: A Love Story. It's by a woman whose blog I follow, and it's about how she makes food and the connection with her family. I had gotten a copy for my home in LA and then I was like, you know what, I'm going to buy another copy and keep it here in New York. I love cook books, coffee table books, photography books, event planning books.

Her proudest accomplishment:
Giving birth to my daughter. I felt like Wonder Woman afterwards. 

Her style icons:
Blake Lively. She’s just beautiful in everything she puts on. Young and fresh but there's also a very classic part of her too. Back in the day when I was growing up, Madonna was a full style icon of my childhood. But Katharine Hepburn is probably my all-time favorite. How classic she was with the red lips and the big eyebrows and hardly anything else. 

Three things still on her bucket list:
An Ironman. Sky diving. And I would love to go to either Tuscany and learn real Tuscan-style Italian cooking or go to Paris and really learn how to do French cuisine. 

The number one reason for taking care of her body:
The family. My kid. And honestly, I’m not a spring chicken, I’m starting to get older and I need the energy. Like if I don’t work out and prepare myself, I’m dead. My daughter has me running around everywhere!

Message she’d send out to the world with one request (Only catch: it has to be 140 characters or less):
Be kind to one another. A smile goes a long way.