Cheers to Your Health

A tour of NYC cocktail haunts that serve up benefits along with the buzz.

Time to confess. Your drinks after work occasionally morph into drinner: drink/dinner. No judgment, it happens. 

So we asked Jesse Schwartzman, Tier 4 trainer and registered dietician at Equinox, for a few pointers on what to drink for a regret-free night, if and when drinner should arise. His tips: Select clear liquors for fewer carbohydrates. Pick veggies over fruits for less sugar that can increase appetite, making you crave more drinks and be hungrier later. And beware of the salt; it can increase your thirst, causing you to drink more.

With that in mind, Q sought out some high quality power drinks at places worth visiting. These cocktails may never make the dieticians' list of meal replacements, but you’ll wake up guilt-free (if not famished). Behold, a tour of delicious drinner locales around the Big Apple: