Unzipped: SoulCycle Founders

The NYC-based queens of Soul let us look inside their gym bags.

Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler are as cool as cult leaders get. Since starting SoulCycle in 2005, snagging a seat in some of their NYC and LA spin classes has become as coveted as reservations at Momofuku Ko. You can't mop a brow without hitting a celebrity. And there is an entire subculture of the sweat-obsessed that lock their office doors on Monday mornings, refreshing browsers until that week's bikes have been booked. It's a fever. Rice and Cutler are busy expanding their brand (five new locations will open by the end of the year), and, yes, you can sometimes find them sweating outside their studios. "When I'm not at SoulCycle, I like to work out outside," says Rice. "I lead myself on a mini boot camp along the west side highway — the fresh air and scenery help clear my head." Cutler, for her part, does yoga, barre and swim. "I was a big yogi before starting SoulCycle." Here, they offer a glimpse inside their often-used, very cool gym bags: