My Beach Essentials: Jillian Demling

The Pret-a-Surf co-founder lets us peek inside her summer tote.

When Jillian Demling isn't working as a magazine editor in New York City, odds are she's either at the beach or designing clothes that are made for the beach. Two years ago last month, Demling and co-founder Karen Mulligan launched their active-chic line Pret-a-Surf, which has been satisfying sophisticated and style-conscious surfers ever since. It helps that as surf-obsessed beach-goers themselves — they spend summers at Indian Wells in Amagansett, NY — brand research happens organically. "We jump on our bikes and ride three blocks to the ocean," says Demling, where a dream day includes a morning run and an Iced Dirty Hairy from Jack's Coffee. "By 2pm we'll be ready for our first of many Kadima tournaments. Karen always wins and I end up covered in sand trying to dive for winners." Here, her musts for a chic day by the sea: