A Plant Grows in Brooklyn

Professional planter Amy Pennington on how to master the art of urban gardening.

As a Seattle-based food writer and personal urban farmer, Amy Pennington is hired by clients to tend their edible gardens — no matter how limited the plot of earth (or concrete, as the case may be). In fact, the Apartment Gardening author grows herbs, lettuces and veggies in pots on the deck of her own one-bedroom apartment — and swears that the rest of us urbanites can do the same. "There's no such thing as a brown thumb," she says, "It just doesn't exist. Plants are pre-dispositioned to want to live, so you're already winning because you have something that's working with you." From between beds of lettuce, Pennington shared her motto on why there's still time to garden this summer ("it's never too late to plant," she assures us), her belief that cucumbers are having a moment, and offered tips to help our city gardens thrive: