Smart Beach Snacks

Packing these healthy bites in your bag will keep you satiated — and looking svelte — in the sun.

Though you'll most likely be working at a much lesser level of exertion, planning your meals for a day at the beach should be just as strategic as, say, portioning out your marathon fuel. Although being in a bathing suit can seem like the time to skimp on food, in fact the opposite is true. “If you don’t eat, your body starts to break down the natural sugar in your muscles, which creates GI stress and causes belly bloat,” says Haylie Pomroy, a Beverly Hills nutritionist and founder of East West Essentials. “Plus, part of what your metabolism does is help with the water exchange in your body, so you can start to retain water if you don’t keep it revved up.” You don’t need big meals to do that, just fit in some healthy snacks between towel time and ocean dips. Veggies can be a little harder to digest, so go for a balance of fruits and proteins, advises Pomroy, who knows of what she speaks. As Jennifer Lopez’s nutritionist, she oversaw all food choices for the star’s beachside "I’m Into You" video shoot. She’s also a regular beachcomber herself.

Here are five snacks plus a beverage that Pomroy relies on and recommends: