My Beach Essentials: Oleema and Kalani Miller

The sisters and Mikoh Swimwear co-founders give us a look inside their totes.

Life often takes Oleema and Kalani Miller, co-founders of surf-inspired swimwear line Mikoh, far from where they grew up in San Clemente, CA. They travel the world in pursuit of great beauty, great experiences and great surf (for themselves and their pro-surfer boyfriends). "My ideal beach day would be in Fiji on a small heart-shaped island called Tavarua," says Kalani. "You wake up, take a dip outside your little beach bungalow and spend the whole day collecting shells, surfing and reading. It's heaven on earth." But there are no waves or wanderlust epic enough to get these California girls away from home forever. Their Orange County-based business calls them back — not to mention the sun-filled memories of growing up by the sea. "We learned to surf and spent all of our summer days on the beach in front of our house," says Oleema. "It's a special place that will always be associated with home." Here, the designers share their beach day essentials.