Tough as Nails

Celebrity nail pro Deborah Lippmann offers tips for the perfect workout-proof mani.

For the stylish set attending tonight's Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan, today is not an autopilot kind of Monday. There are accessories to be chosen, fittings to be finalized and one last workout to be dominated. Who has time to sweat the proverbial small stuff — like, say, whether a set of kettlebell swings is going to destroy your polish. And yet, simply breaking a sweat at all will put nails in danger. “Any kind of excess moisture can shorten the longevity of a manicure,” explains Deborah Lippmann, nail guru and founder of her eponymous collection of nail, hand and foot products. Which isn't to say you should skip your workout (something we, as you might imagine, would never advise). Instead, be strategic: Lippmann identifies swimming and yoga as the most aggressive polish offenders, due to drying chlorine and constant movement respectively. Conversely, pilates and cycling are gentlest, she says. Here, Lippmann's tips for a mighty mani that can stand up to any exercise.