Laboratory Tested, Salon Approved

Plant stem cells are enhancing a new breed of hair care products with restorative powers.

Every time we work out our hair gets put through its paces right along with our bodies. Headbands, tight ponytail elastics, sweat and constant washing are the main culprits that cause stress — making damage inevitable. Until now. Plant stem cells, most often obtained from rare Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apple trees, are little miracle workers that have the beauty world buzzing. The hype surrounds their ability to repair and protect hair follicles, thanks to a protein and phytonutrient-packed composition. “The new botanical stem cell products address all of the harmful things that we do to our hair,” says Doris Day MD, a New York dermatologist. “Depending on the formulation, plant extracts can help restore moisture and strengthen hair.” But that's not all. If it's body and shine you're after, consider that done too. “When used consistently, apple stem cells have been shown to energize the scalp and also extend the life of the hair follicle for longer, healthier, thicker-looking hair,” explains hair guru Peter Lamas. 

Whatever plagues your mane, know that healthier hair awaits. Click through the slideshow above to find your fix.