Pressed Juicery's L.A. Dream Day

Morning yoga, massages and macrobiotic meals in the City of Angels.

For childhood friends Carly Brien, Hayden Slater and Hedi Gores, healthy living isn't just a hobby — it's their livelihood. In 2010, the trio opened Pressed Juicery, an organic juice bar and cleanse program that quickly became L.A.'s detox drinking establishment du jour. With the recent launch of lifestyle site The Chalkboard, the entrepreneurs (all of whom have backgrounds in holistic health) compile tips on gluten-free eating, home organization, tasteful DIY projects and more from guest editors such as model Christy Turlingon and designer Jenni Kayne. We asked the pals, who now own Brentwood, Malibu and West L.A. locations, to walk us through their ideal day in L.A.