Model Skin

Ditch your serums, sunscreens and moisturizers. The latest skincare secret on the runway is the balm-diggity.

Move over, Pinkberry. The latest great Korean import, BB Cream (aka Blemish Balm), is a has-it-all combo that has makeup artists and skincare pros setting moisturizer and foundation aside. With daily SPF and a tone-correcting tint that erases redness and imperfections without changing your skin tone, the cream makes it easy to cut down on products.

"Using a BB Cream is like hitting a fast forward button," says Jonathan Young, the New York City makeup artist behind the dewy skin at Richard Chai’s spring show, "you get your entire skincare regimen in a single bottle, so you're taking care of your skin and looking healthy, hydrated and naturally flawless."

And, it's not only for women. Guys can use it to erase post-shave redness and mute under-eye bags without having to admit to anything beyond lotion (just ask the male models at Richard Chai). Plus, it’s way easier to apply than layers of goop. Just warm the cream between your palms and massage it over your face and neck, loading extra onto dryer areas. Scroll down to find the best balm for you: