Q&A with Seth Meyers

The SNL star on champagne, meatballs and the new love in his life at Cycle for Survival.

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"Saturday Night Live" funny man Seth Meyers may tell jokes for a living, but he's serious about raising money for cancer in honor of his good friend Jennifer Goodman Linn. Sunday marked the third year Meyers helped emcee Cycle for Survival — the spin-a-thon-style event that raises money (almost 8 million dollars this year!) for rare cancers. We sat down with him just minutes before he jumped on the bike at Equinox Graybar in New York City.

Favorite thing about Cycle for Survival:
Everyone you meet has a very inspiring story about how cancer affected their life, but they didn’t let it get them down. That’s pretty much the greatest part about it.

Typical workout:
I’m a runner, so I like to try to do five miles about four days per week, and then I lift weights about three days per week. Even if I’m not working out there, I sometimes stop at Equinox Greenwich Ave. for a juice in the morning. It’s very good.

Biggest vice:
I guess ... meatballs? If I see meatballs on a menu, I just can’t stay away from them.

What we’d be surprised to find his fridge:
Well, here’s the thing: I have been lucky enough to have been gifted a lot of champagne. I hate champagne, but I also can’t throw champagne away, so if you came over it looks like I’m always about to have a wrap party.